Fuzzy Drove is an old wooded drove road situated on the South Western edge of Basingstoke in the area known as Kempshott and runs between Basingstoke and Oakley.  The Fuzzy Drove Conversation Group looks after the first .5 miles which runs between two housing estates stretching from Kempshott Lane at its North East end to the cycle path on the Roman Road at its South West end.
Supported by Basingstoke and Deane, the Fuzzy Drove Conservation Group aims to preserve this ancient route for the benefit of future generations by maintaining and enhancing the trees, hedgerows and vegetation and encouraging a diverse wildlife habitat.

Our aims are:

To renovate Fuzzy Drove and make it a more attractive and welcoming green space for current and future generations

To encourage a wider range of plants and animals to live in the Drove

This ancient route has existed for hundreds of years – to find out more go to our history page..

Fuzzy Drove is part of the Green Corridors of West Basingstoke network – download the map here.