Hedgehog survey kit

We have run Hedgehog surveys in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and encouraged local residents to take part by providing a set of equipment they can place in their garden to see how often Spike and his mates visited!

The survey runs for 7 consecutive days and involves leaving out a special tunnel, primed with a footprint recorder and baited with some hedgehog food.  The tunnel needs to be checked and reset every day for the 7 days of the survey.  You can place it anywhere in your garden, but alongside a fence or hedge is probably best.


f you have a couple of “Hedgehog Highway” access points in your garden that would help enormously.  A round or  square hole 5 – 6” either way will allow hedgehogs to roam more freely and feed more easily.  They are great friends to a gardener, hoovering up slugs and other garden pests, as well as being very entertaining to watch.

Adult Hedgehog footprints


If you live within 200mts of Fuzzy Drove and would like to take part in the next survey, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch.


You can read how we went about the previous survey in this document.

And the great news is that most people who took part in the previous surveys found evidence that Hedgehogs do live in the Drove!

Examples of their foot prints can be seen in this picture!